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Military books image, copyright ABfaR and ibooknet limitedMembership?

The core values of the group remain as described under 'About us' though we now work solely as a self-help group. The remaining members have all known each other a long time and running the group has been reduced to an easy bare minimum as not enough of the current members have enough spare time.

Whilst we are not averse to admitting new members in principle, to open our doors again would require membership secretary, someone to maintain the website details, and someone to moderate our very supportive and friendly email newsgroup to make sure it stays that way, as a bare minimum. No current member has time to do this. Until such time as any potential member is able to demonstrate that they would bring to the group sufficient time and energy to help administer the group then membership is likely to remain closed. If you feel that you have sufficient spare time and energy then feel free to contact any member – the truth is we would probable need at least three new members prepared to help actively and regularly before we could open again.

Ibooknet has a lot to offer new sellers: existing blog and website that have built up traffic over the years, an excellent back-catalogue of online collector’s guides and bibliographic data that also draw traffic, and members from all aspects of the trade, all with at least a decade of trading experience (many have been trading much longer than that) who are happy to share their knowledge through our private email lists. We also have an active twitter account with a healthy following that supports members in providing publicity for news, sales, new stock, etc.

If you are a British or Irish based book-seller of at least two years standing, who knows at least two of our members well, and have time, energy and skills to help take Ibooknet to a new level then please do get in touch.

In the meantime, the twitter account is our most active, public face, please feel free to visit us there. We are always happy to support friendly, independent booksellers on there, whether you’re a member or not.